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TGY challenge 5 – Busting skincare truth with super vee

Hey there! Are you having trouble with common beauty and skincare myths and not knowing which to believe? With the rise of Internet and media, the advice we often hear comes from everywhere and it is hard to tell the difference between facts and fiction. But not to worry; super vee is here to save the day! Today, I’m on a mission to bust some skincare truth.


The first and common myth: It is ok to pop your pimple if you do it gently.
Nope nope, absolutely not okay. Think of the ugly scars you will leave behind. If you ever feel like popping something, grab some bubble wrap and leave your face alone.
Ok clearly I had too much fun with the bubble wraps. haha

Myth number 2: Expensive skincare are definitely better than inexpensive ones.
I think this is not the case. During this period of time, I had the opportunity to try out some amazing brands under the affordable category, and one skincare series is definitely Dr Belmeur by THEFACESHOP!
THEFACESHOP Dr Belmeur is a skincare series that makes our skin healthy with pure ingredients and safe formulas recommended by skin experts. It suggests gentle total solutions, covering the beginning and end of skincare such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer and many more!

Myth number 3: Greasy food causes pimples.
Hmm, what you eat has no effect on your skin. But of course, remember not to get food grease on your face, because they do clog pores.  We should always wash our face thoroughly in the morning and evening. We can do so by using THEFACESHOP Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Bubble Foam Cleanser! As the name suggest, it is a bubble foam cleanser that helps treat acne by unclogging pores and clearing away dead skincell. Weew!

Myth number 4: What you apply to your hair does not affect your skin.
Well, it does! Our hair shares the same layer of skin with our face and our hair is constantly touching our face too. (e.g. when the wind blows, when you have long fringes) Always ensure you are well aware of the possible effects of your hair products on your skin as well.
Look how much hair gets in my face daily, even during shoot. LOL
Myth number 5: Facial oils will make your skin oily.
Truth be told, your skin will naturally produce the oils that it requires, so utilizing an oil is not going to make it more oily. It is important though, to keep up the natural oil in your skin and a great of doing it is using THEFACESHOP Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Toner! It is a low-irritant clarifying toner that helps to take care of sebum and balance oil and moisture.
THE END.  SUPER VEE SAVES THE DAY! Remember, proper skin care is always important! Till then, goodbye! *zooms off

Psss, here’s a little more on THEFACESHOP Dr Belmeur:

“Dr. Belmeur” comes from the word “Dr.” meaning skin expert and the compound word consisting of “Belle(beautiful)” and “Humeur (mood).” It aims to provide healthy skin, a beautiful face, and pleasant feeling with products made with pure ingredients and safe formulas.

  THEFACESHOP’s customized formula ‘Skin-sync Rx™’ by skin problem is used as the main ingredient consisting of plant-derived substances similar to skin’s structure. It soothes dry, sensitive skin and forms moisture film and skin barrier. All products passed skin irritation tests on harmful ingredients such as paraben, Benzophenone-3, and talc, so they provide a comfortable feel and they can be used safely on sensitive skin.

  THEFACESHOP Dr. Belmeur launches two lines — the “DAILY REPAIR” line made of a low-irritant, moisturizing solution for dry, sensitive skin, and the “CLARIFYING” line for sebum care and oil and moisture balance — so that customers can choose which product line depending on their skin problem.

  THEFACESHOP Dr. Belmeur DAILY REPAIR line offers several representative products, such as “Ato Salt Cream” made of salt from the Dead Sea to relieve itching caused by skin dryness and to strengthen skin barrier. “Blemish Balm Cushion” contains 90.7% skin moisturizer such as Madecassoside and Ceramide. It makes skin healthy by protecting damaged skin and improving skin barrier.

  THEFACESHOP Dr. Belmeur CLARIFYING line offers several representative products, such as “Spot Calming Ampoule” made with ingredients such as betaglucan and blue citrus peel extract. It provides intensive care for sensitive skin by controlling the secretion of sebum and oil and moisture balance. It is appropriate for acned skin. In addition to the ampoule product, this line offers Bubble Foam Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, and Spot Patch Kit to take care of troubled skin effectively.

Originated from Korea, THEFACESHOP is a leading global beauty retail brand offering over 1,000 quality products for skin care, body care, hair care and make up. THEFACESHOP focuses on using natural ingredients from all over the world to nourish and revitalize our skin. Everything that touches our skin is derived from The Nature to provide healthy skincare solutions that will satisfy the needs of their valued customers. Their products are modeled around the well-being of individuals and are universally affordable to all ages.

Good new, as part of their dedication to nature, THEFACESHOP does not allow animal testing on their products and the product containers are recyclable. YAY, SAY NO to animal testing!
You can check other some other products that suit your skin type too!

For more information about THEFACESHOP Dr Belmeur, you can check out these links below :

Big thank you to TeenageMagazine and THEFACESHOP for the Dr Belmeur skin care products (:
Xoxo, Vee

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